Don't *iss off the 2-wheelers


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Cyclists really reacted to the letter that appeared in Viewpoints, Sept. 21 [Starbucks biker pandemic cramps our weekend mornings]. These postings came from the website The first entry included the text of the letter.


Planet SaverNear western burb of Chicago, published today, check out this letter to the editor of the local paper in Oak Park Illinois, a near western suburb of Chicago. Oak Park sure does have some major problems, now doesn't it?! Perhaps with 6 billion dollars in annual sales, Starbucks could buy some more tables and chairs.

09-21-05, 10:01 PM


Veni, Vidi, Vomiti

Location: Republic of AnaerobiaBikers hangin' 'round at Starbucks? What a bunch of pathetic poseurs!

09-21-05, 10:12 PM


Senior MemberIf Jennifer was not a [insult deleted] she would get a small business loan and open up a coffee shop next door that didn't cater to the spandex shorts crowd. Then she'd show those turd bikers a thing or two!


BICYCLE!! eheheheeeee!!!Location: nacogdoches txokay.... she wouldn't have a problem with a bunch of motorists taking up the seats.... but cyclists? man... we can't have cyclists enjoyin' coffee! it just ain't right! it ain't natural i tells ya!!

09-21-05, 11:23 PM

Fat Boy Biker

Spinone Italiano

Location: Colorado Springs, COMaybe if Jen got her lazy butt out of bed earlier she could be the first person to snag a prized Starbucks outdoor table?#34;some people are never happy

09-22-05, 12:23 AM


Senior Member

Location: Riga, Latvia You mean that someone got there before Jenny! The POOR girl! I think we can all agree that she should have first rights where ever she shall go. It's just not right that she has to wait for a table among the unwashed.

Who does she think she is? The fact that the paper would print a letter like this is equally shocking.

09-22-05, 02:09 AM #8


honest! it just fell off

Location: Next to my next door neighbourSo why are these cyclists in the wrong? The fact they were on bikes should really make no difference to where they're 'allowed' to sit. Maybe this Starbucks should reserve her a seat or even better not open at all until she arrives and gives her consent. It's a sad state of society when people feel they have the right to dictate what others do if it doesn't fit into their Life Choice. Now, where's my Cappuccino?

09-22-05, 02:35 AM #9

Placid Casual

Senior Member

Location: SoCalAnd those people in Louisiana and Mississippi think they have it bad ...

09-22-05, 08:30 AM #10


Velocipedic Practitioner

Location: North Carolina[QUOTE=MERTON]okay.... she wouldn't have a problem with a bunch of motorists taking up the seats ... but cyclists? QUOTE]

That was precisely my first thought. Why does it matter if the people using the seats are cyclists? Is it more socially acceptable for motorists to take up the seating? I pass a Starbucks daily on my morning commute and it's not unusual for all the seats to be taken on those occasions when I stop there ... and not a cyclist (so far as I can tell) in the bunch. Some are people with open briefcases discussing business deals or legal issues who sit there for quite lengthy periods. I think her letter would have been more credible had she suggested all table/seating users be mindful of others that may be waiting instead of singling out the cyclists. Course, in her world structured on priority, she probably believes all cyclists should pull off the road whenever a motorist approaches from behind. I think I'll ride down to Starbucks and sit there my entire lunch break nursing a frap. I'm feelin sorta militant today.


Location: Sydney, AustraliaThat letter, or more to the point the author of the letter, is so pathetic for all the obvious reasons. But just think, she could be behind the wheel of the next SUV that comes barreling down the road behind you.... has the 'caffeine deprivation' defense been tested in court yet? (not that motorists that run down cyclists have to face court all that often).

09-22-05, 08:56 AM #13


Maglia Ciclamino

Location: Lexington, KYI have no sympathy for Jennifer. Tough. The Starbucks down the street from me is always loaded out. Will I pay $3.50 for a latte? Yes. Will I pay $3.50 for a latte, wait ten minutes for it, and be saturated by that crowd (the sanctimony is palpable)? No.

Got my own espresso machine and sit on my own porch (neighborhood is nice anyways). Problem solved.

Adapt. Overcome. Improvise. There's worse **** going down than a lost sojourn to the local SB.

09-22-05, 08:58 AM #14


Senior Member

Location: Milwaukee"'Pandemic' is not an overstatement." Wow! That's nice. Now we're a global outbreak of a highly infectious disease. Are we viral or bacterial, I wonder? And where's the UN and Doctors Without Borders when you need them?

It's a Starbucks. Starbucks is a business. You have no inalienable right to a Vente Frappacino. And chances are there's another Starbucks across the street ... unless the pandemic has spread there too.

Someone desperately needs to get over herself.

09-22-05, 02:31 PM #16


Univega owner

Location: Northridge/Reseda, CaliforniaWe aren't worthy to be sitting at starbucks.

I'll only drink the drip ... Everything else is overpriced and has too many calories.

09-22-05, 02:55 PM #17


Everything you expect

Location: St. Paul,MNShe's just being a self-centered human. Feels put out. Identifies a present group as the 'cause'. Poses the 'problem' as a civic issue. BFD. OCP, get riding. Astute small business person open an upscale bike shop/coffee hut nearby. Get a clue. Dilemma solved for all.

09-22-05, 02:57 PM #18


Senior MemberTell her to go support a LCS (Local Coffee Shop). What a whiny winch.

09-22-05, 02:59 PM #19


Senior MemberAs I sat here reading the original post a co-worker walked up and made the comment there are too many Starbucks!!!

I actually am glad the paper published the letter. Having it published is a favor to cyclists. When someone on the other side of an issue makes a big enough *ss of themself in front of enough other people it hurts their side and helps ours. In this case a huge *ss and a huge audience.

But what is really funny is that if there really was a large group of cyclists there would be a legitimate complaint. At least on any of the club rides I have been on when we descend on a business there are bikes everywhere. They are in the way of other patrons. Now our group tries to keep then out of the way, but they do get enough in the way that at least this is something one could ***** about with some justification.

09-22-05, 03:04 PM #20


Senior Member

Location: San Clemente, CAI thought it was funny that she singled out cyclists as well. Now, for some fun, switch out all instances in the story above of cyclists/bikers/etc. for something equitably inane such as stamp collectors, tax collectors, nose pickers, butt scratchers, etc. ... (Think of the old word games ala Madlibs) and you will see how lame here rant really is ...

09-22-05, 03:08 PM #21


more ape than man

Location: nyci agree, not sure what cycling has to do with it. i don't see any difference between this and the sunday church crowd all driving to get something to eat afterward. or a large family taking up a dozen seats at ihop. or after a football game all the bars fill up. it's all the same.

now, i could see if everyone brought their bikes into the store and people couldn't move around because of it, but just walking in and sitting down isn't anything to complain about.

09-22-05, 03:37 PM #22


Euro-Cut Fit

Location: Halfway to RockfordThis is why Ernest Hemingway left Oak Park and never looked back. ...

Probably why he ended it all in Ketchum, ID, too ... damn Starbucks was cramping his style ... couldn't pose with all that big game and guns with all the spandex and shaved legs around ...

09-22-05, 04:05 PM #24


Obscure reference here

Location: LLHC

She doesn't specify which StarBucks, but looking at the retail store locator, she could easily be within 5 miles of *20* or more stores. Not good enough? That must be one very special SB.

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Jenny Klein  

Posted: September 22nd, 2020 6:04 PM

Hey losers, it's me! Jennifer from Oak Park. You know that you were writing shit about a 15 year old girl with an eating disorder back in 2015? Sooo tough with your bikes HOARDING ALL OF THE CHAIRS!

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